About Us


Spectra is a well established business consultancy providing nation-wide coverage, offering a comprehensive range of professional business solutions including health & safety, CDM management, fire & risk and HR management. We offer our clients professional, effective business solutions aimed at improving your business efficiency and processes. Over the years we have developed an outstanding reputation as a credible, professional and reliable business.

Our business solutions provide a number of benefits to our clients including:
  • Compliance with complex government legislation and regulations
  • Reduced accident rates and labour costs
  • Reduced risk of employment tribunals
  • Reduced insurance and legal costs
  • Improved efficiency in the workplace
  • Increased employee morale
  • Competent staff

At Spectra, our  services provide a simple solution to what can be complicated and time consuming processes, allowing you to invest more time in other areas of your business. Our team of professional Consultants work with you to provide a dedicated service aimed at improving business efficiency through effective management of staff. Spectra’s wide range of services are tailored to your business to ensure that you receive an efficient and cost effective method of implementing complex policies and procedures.

For more information regarding our bespoke business solutions or for a FREE consultation please contact us today.