Health & Safety Newsletter June 2017

How many toilets and washbins?

Toilets and washbasins are covered by the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. It states that washbasins must be located near to toilet facilities, however, what the Regulations don’t tell you is how many toilets and wash bins you must provide.

The detail is left to  the HSE’s Approved Code of Practise sets out the minimum facilities to be provided for women or mixed use as well as for men only.

Women or mixed

women and mixed

Men only

Men only


Prevent falls by following this rule

Slips, trips and falls account for over a third of all UK workplace injuries, with lift truck drivers and warehouse staff ranking highly among them. Every year, falls from stationary and moving lift trucks seriously injure—or worse—approximately 40 workers in the UK. But applying the ‘three-points-of-contact’ rule will limit the risk of injury.

It simply states that when entering or exiting a truck, you should maintain three points of contact until you are either in your seat or standing firmly on the ground.

This means one hand and two feet or two hands and one foot at all times. Best practice for mounting and dismounting a forklift is as follows:

Mount/dismount only when the truck is stationary; Face the truck; Use the handgrips and steps provided; Look all around for hazards; Get on and off the truck under control and one foot at a time; Do not jump; Take extra care in rain, snow, or icy conditions.


Three directors jailed over skylight fall

Three directors of two companies have been jailed for breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act, after a worker died in a fragile roof fall at an Essex warehouse.

The directors’ companies were convicted of corporate manslaughter and HSW Act offences and fined a total of £1.06m.

The worker, 63, died in hospital after falling through a roof light at the premises in April 2015.

The warehouse’s owner had contracted their friend’s company to carry out roof repairs on the warehouse.

The repair work however, was carried out without a risk assessment or safety measures. The worker was on the roof when he stepped on the roof light and fell through, hitting the concrete floor below and sustaining fatal injuries.

After an investigation by Essex Police, in September 2016, the employer admitted charges of corporate manslaughter . The owner of the company pleaded guilty to a charge under failing to protect their employee contrary to S 2.1 of the HSW Act.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard from the prosecutor that the skylight was not obvious and the roof was covered in dirt and lichen.

The owners of the warehouse were ailed for a total of 22 months and the employer of the worker killed was sentenced to eight months. All were disqualified for from being company directors for 10 years.







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