HR – Fake job applications

The latest report from the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service, CIFAS, has warned that organisations are at their most vulnerable to employee fraudsters at the recruitment stage.

The report claims that deceitful attempts to gain access to sensitive data via the recruitment process is responsible for more than half of all internal fraud cases in 2013.

Figures provide proof that the most common reason for an organisation to file a case for application fraud was because the potential employees had concealed unspent criminal convictions.

The number of false job applications that are being discovered at the hiring stage has dramatically increased in the last year. CIPD Employment Relations Adviser Mike Emmott, has advised that it is now more important for employers to invest in comprehensive pre-employment checks now that competition for jobs had increased. He further went on to say “The number of people faking qualifications, and offering the wrong information on their employment applications is quite remarkable and highlights the need for employers to be vigilant during the recruitment process,”.

However, the CIFAS report also stated that is not always possible to detect a potential fraudster at the hiring stage, and that the average length of service an individual spends with a company before committing a fraud crime was in fact 6½ years.

Figures also show that today’s organisations are more open to confronting this issue, and HR departments in particular are making more effort to identify and investigate employee fraud.

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