HR – Flexible Working, Recent Regus Survey

Flexible working could help companies avoid a high staff turnover which can be expensive, according to a recent survey.  The survey suggests that flexible working should be placed as a priority for HR departments this year.

2,600 senior executives and business owners throughout the UK were recently surveyed by Regus, and the findings show that 71% believe that flexible working is very beneficial when it comes to improving levels of staff retention. They further went on to state that flexible working is also important when it comes to attracting new talent.

It not just companies that see the benefit in flexible working.  ¾ of respondents stated that they would be likely to choose a job that offered a greater choice of work style over another that did not.

Flexible working allows a more balanced lifestyle for employees, allowing work life to fit around their home life. It usually entails multi-location working, allowing employees to work from the office and home throughout the week or month. This type of working can also entail part-time or flexible working hours.

This style of working can improve morale, motivate employees and maintain a higher level of energy, which means that flexible working can be an important tool for HR.

74% of the office workers questioned also stated that they feel flexible working makes them more productive, while 56% of those involved advised they would refuse a job that did not offer any options on flexible working.

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