Nearly 650,000 employees call in sick each week

A recent study conducted by the British Heart Foundation has shown that nearly 650,000 employees call in sick each week which costs UK businesses over £100 billion per year

The study found that ill health limits the ability to carry out job roles effetctively even when employees are present at work. 44% (8 million people) of respondents who reported a health problem lasting more than a year said that they could not fully perform their work duties.

While stress related conditions are the highest cause of work related absence in the UK, the study showed that 16% of health problems were related to heart and circulation conditions.

Spectra says ‘Making changes to working patterns and prioritising workplace health can lead to a significant decrease in long-term workplace absence in addition to enhancing motivation and employee engagement. Contact us on 0845 224 7013 to discuss how we can help you with absence management in your organisation’

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