At Spectra, we have developed a credible reputation through our reliable, professional approach. Our priority is delivering exceptional customer service and it is great to hear customer feedback. We work with a large number of clients in a range of industry sectors across the UK.

Health & Safety

Spectra have been working with one of our clients for around 2 years managing health & safety issues within their business. They recently had a major incident within the business due to employee negligence. HSE and Local Fire Authority carried out a full investigation and found that the business had up to date and specific risk assessments and fire risk assessment in place.

They also found that they had undertaken appropriate training and managed health & safety issues in a proactive manner. HSE and Fire Authority took no action against the business as they had demonstrated that they had done everything reasonably practical to avoid the incident. Without comprehensive the health & safety procedures from Spectra, the company could have been facing a number of heavy financial penalties including prosecution and a fine. Spectra offers business protection and hands on support.

What our clients say…

S.T (H&S)

I have used Spectra for a number of years in differing environments for one reason: – Professional service. From initial discussion to delivery of service Spectra provide sound, professional advice. Advice is always mindful of operational considerations and cost. I cannot recommend Spectra highly enough.


Spectra HR came on board with our company when we’d been in business a number of years and already had experience of HR issues and advice. We’d had HR consultant support before, but hadn’t realised how lacking it actually was until we saw the difference!

We’ve had a couple of really tricky employment issues in the twelve months we’ve been with them, and all the staff at Spectra have been invaluable in helping us to manage them step by step, as well as being available for us to just bounce quick questions off when we need to double check something. It’s a great service, very responsive and able to adapt to how we need it to be day by day. We have complete trust that the advice we’re being given is correct and keeps us compliant with the law, without being afraid to let us function as a business and make tough decisions. With Thanks


We signed up to Spectra in February 2015 to support the smooth running of a small private day nursery. Spectra offer a wide range of services which ensures that the business complies with the Statutory Requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and Employment Law.

Our HR policies and procedures were reviewed prior to developing our new contracts of employment and employee handbook. One thing I have found really useful as the Nursery Manager are the tool kits. These have been personalised to meet the needs of the business. They have enabled me to formalise the systems that were in place to support our employees working within the nursery.

I have found Spectra HR approachable, efficient, professional and knowledgeable, and they know us and our business so can advise us in a manner that meets our needs whilst ensuring that we are legally compliant.”

Spectra’s dedication to their clients is apparent, and they have always been extremely quick to respond to our needs. The advice and support I was given when dealing with a difficult staff issue meant I was able to deal with the situation promptly and appropriately. I would highly recommend Spectra.

Michelle Greenhalgh (Manager) CARE

Knowing that Spectra will work hard on our behalf to resolve HR issues as quickly and efficiently as possible provides us with the peace of mind we have been long searching for. Their knowledgeable and friendly team offer consistently helpful advice and practical assistance which enables us to easily meet all our HR requirements.

Director – Ilkley Healthcare

“Our company operate from a large warehouse with 12+ warehouse and installation staff. The health and safety of our team is vital, not only for the staff but also for the company as a whole. We decided to use Spectra’s services to ensure that all health & safety procedures were implemented.

Overall Spectra were fantastic. The training provided to our team was very professional and conducted in a way that the team could fully understand. Feedback from the team was extremely positive.

Using Spectra has given me, as a Director, the peace of mind that should any unfortunate incidents occur, we have done all we can to ensure we are covered from a legal perspective.

I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anybody that may require Health & Safety procedures in their workplace.”

Ben Hall, Director

“I would like to thank Spectra for your assistance in helping my company recently with updating our health & safety requirements to today’s stringent standards. Your hands-on approach and knowledge of what is required to avert a situation occurring is second to none. In the past I have had a “Glossy Manual” off the shelf that was provided by a well known H&S provider. Not only was this not up to standard but I felt I did not get the personal touch that I have certainly received from Spectra. The Staff Manuals that you provided help me and my company deliver a strict and professional image right from the start with all employees.

I am delighted with the service provided by Spectra, I feel a lot more at ease knowing that you have guided me through the minefield of health and safety. I have already recommended your company to other business owners that I know and have no hesitation in continuing with this process.”

Paul Treanor, Director

“A few weeks back I received an email from one of my customers requesting some information. If [my company] were to continue to supply said company then we had to provide proof of compliance for a few areas of the business.

Not having a clue what half of these things were, I asked Stuart to have a look for me. Later that afternoon Stuart had emailed me all the necessary H&S, Environmental and ISO documents to keep my customer happy.

Thanks to Stuart’s knowledge, I was no longer in a flap and we continued to deal with the customer.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stuart and his team at Spectra to anyone”.

Alasdair Newton, Director

On behalf of all at [the company], I want to thank you for your expert advice and services.

The Spectra Group are [our] appointed Health and Safety consultants, keeping us on the “straight and narrow”.

I realise that you are nearing the 1st Anniversary of dealing with one of Alan Jones’ major clients and cannot thank you enough. Not only on behalf of the client, but also for validating Alan’s decision to recommend your services to them.

I have known you now for some 7- 8 years and am pleased that [we] are proud to recommend The Spectra Group to our clients.”

Peter Barrett, Senior Account Executive

HR Management

Spectra were approached by a growing company based in the North West. They were looking for HR Management services and were undecided on whether or not to hire a full-time HR Manager. After assessing the current processes and recommending a practical solution to the company they decided it was much more cost-effective to use Spectra’s services. Spectra now spend 4 days per month within the business managing all HR processes including recruitment, staff appraisals and training. Our services provide everything the company require, saving them over £25k per year.

What our clients say…

“We recently commissioned Spectra to undertake our HR advice and support. What a complete service!

Initially Spectra HR reviewed all our policies, contracts and employee handbooks, working with us they updated, improved and rewrote these where necessary. When needed they are there for help and support without delay, providing comprehensive guidance and assistance. I find the service personal and specific for our company, which we have not found previously with other contracted providers.

Spectra HR have assisted us in dealing with a challenging HR issue over the past month. All assistance was timely, professional and gave us the confidence to progress towards a conclusion. The service provided was with our designated Consultant who knew us and the case/issue and we did not need to backtrack to explain again.

From my experience I would have no problem recommending Spectra HR and would willingly renew the contract based on the service and advice given to date.”

H Carter, Company Secretary

“Recently our small company had to deal with a tricky investigation leading to a dismissal of a member of staff for ‘gross misconduct’. The HR team at Spectra Business Solutions were with us every step of the way and ensured that we did not put a foot wrong.

I can strongly recommend the HR function at Spectra, especially for the small and medium sized companies like ourselves who are most likely to need a helping hand in these complex yet common sense HR matters.”

KH, Company Secretary

“Trying to set up HR support in a country where you have no HR presence is a daunting task. Regulations and practices need to be aligned and above reproach and the obvious choice to use a consultant has its own issues. Therefore, when we engaged Spectra HR, we were pleasantly surprised to find diligent and professional support that has enabled our HR services to be in place quickly and completely. The level and detailed service provided is ongoing and enhances our capability to continue to grow our business, confident of our administrative position.”

Ed Catenacci, HR Director

“We work with Spectra HR who conducted a thorough review of our HR policies and procedures prior to developing our new contracts of employment and employee handbook.We have an excellent relationship with our dedicated Consultant who has advised us on a range of HR matters recently which has provided us with peace of mind.Spectra HR are easily approachable, efficient, professional and knowledgeable, and they know us and our business so can advise us in a manner that meets our needs as an SME whilst ensuring that we are legally compliant.”

N Smalley, Director

“As a small business owner keeping up to date with legislation and managing our HR started to become quite difficult as we grew. I found myself spending a lot of time checking legislation and the “do’s and don’ts” of HR and not enough time actually managing my team and business. We had no HR to speak of at the start when there were just directors within the business but as soon as we started employing people we quickly realised we needed to bring in contracts, handbooks etc to help manage our employees and keep us legal.

Spectra made it a breeze for us by creating our contracts, handbooks and providing us with a great toolkit that we use on an almost daily basis.

A small business cannot afford an HR manager…nor can it afford to be without one and so Spectra offer us the best of both worlds. I know I have friendly, professional and considered advice at the end of the phone whenever I need it and at a very affordable rate.”

R Davies, Managing Director

“I contacted Spectra about a tricky HR problem. There were extremely helpful, they gave good clear advice about what could and could not be achieved in this situation, and did so promptly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other people.”

Stuart Matthews, Director

Fire & Risk

Letting Agent Spectra work with a large Letting Agency who manage a portfolio of different types of property. The company had been told that all properties on the portfolio require installation of Fire Alarms. This would have meant a substantial cost, amounting to tens of thousands of pounds. Spectra undertook a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment on the properties and demonstrated through practical means that Fire Alarms were not required. This provided a significant cost saving for the company as well as ensuring compliance with regulations. Manufacturer Spectra were approached by a large company who were being charged £15k per year for use of a fire escape via the landlords operations. We undertook a thorough Fire Risk Assessment of the property and reconfigured the fire escape route so that the landlords area was no longer in use. This saved the company the £15k charges.


Spectra are currently working on a number of projects for a nationwide Developer. The long term projects cover a range of schemes including housing and commercial property. Spectra were selected for these contracts due to our practical expertise and extensive experience, our reduced bureaucracy and hands on approach. Spectra undertake monthly inspections and audits on each project on behalf of the client.

Other CDM projects include:- Nursing Homes, Refurbishment & Renovation Projects, New Build Developments and Heritage Sites.


One of our clients, a large construction company, uses our training services annually. We have delivered a number of training courses including Management courses and Trade courses. Spectra pro-actively manage the internal training schedules and have also utilised available funding in order to reduce client costs. Training courses delivered include:- Manual Handling, Mobile Towers, MEWPs, Scaffolding, and Plant Training.

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